Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Red Camera Scarlet Professional Video Advice. HD Camcorders For Around $4000.?

Professional Video Advice. HD camcorders for around $4000.? - red camera scarlet

I've heard of $ 4,000 (+ / - some of them) and improve the quality of the videos that I make and run a small business. I'm 16 and I was wondering what features the most professional cameras in this price range, and if something needs more than $, or pull the trigger to record them. I did some research, but what we really need is advice from a consumer experience as my Sony HDD cut, generally no more. All three cameras I got the Canon XH-A1S, the GY-HM100U and has not been released scarlet fever. But my concern
"It is the dead zone in the solid state for the future?
"We can expect changes to the line of Canon, in the short term
-how is the compression of the shooting SD
Is the red value of the WAIEven if it is killing my budget
DSLR is the way forward at this time
-Other recommendations?