Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Transformers Belt Buckle Which Belt Buckle Should I Get Him For His Birthday, Pictures! Please Help?

Which belt buckle should i get him for his birthday, pictures! Please help? - transformers belt buckle

The birthday of my friend will soon be available.
And he said he wanted a belt buckle, and said what he wanted. This happened to me about it and find the following:
What do you like better / worse?
-------------------------------------- ...
http://www.amazon.com/TRANSFORMERS-AUTOB ...

Tree of Life:
http://www.buckleshop.com/images/d262.jp ...

The Eye:
http://www.buckleshop.com/images/c249e.j ...

http://www.buckleshop.com/images/hb110.j ...

[I guess no on the Detroit Redwings in one, because I am usually doing other things going such as tape-shirts or something.]

Thank you a lot guys! [=


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