Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ts Clubs In Atlanta Atlanta Lavish Night Clubs Under 21?

Atlanta lavish night clubs under 21? - ts clubs in atlanta

I tried and got on the lookout for 2 weeks straight and now I reached a point break and I just want answers from someone who knows the city! My birthday is only a few weeks time, and I on a group of 10 selected forward to ATL for the weekend. Two persons 20 years and try a club, 21 years old, is abundant and running .. possible to find the best of the best in ATL. I searched this forum and no one gives a clear answer to this club for this test to go. Like I said, something manistream / Hip-Hop .. not too aggressive, very abundant! The connection looks good, but I found nothing that indicates the age limit! Please someone help or advice EDC! What we say in Smyrna, but regardless of driving in the city. Thanks in advance!


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