Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Audiovox Portable Dvd Players So Far So Good! I Have A Audiovox Portable DvD Player I Want To Connect My Xbox 360 To (for A Long Trip) I Have Audio No Visul?

I have a Audiovox portable DvD player i want to connect my Xbox 360 to (for a long trip) i have audio no visul? - audiovox portable dvd players so far so good!

I know it was first written vision that I was bad to fit in a position in the second box during a long journey and I want my xbox 360 on my Audiovox portable DVD player i dont play instructions (I I lost some time ago and at the time) that the A / V put on the page, but if I do not I login sound, but to show my Xbox DVD player does not say, simply driving a car (I ride because when their works only on the DVD and tried to cut their Xbox) Ive found a switch in them, but there is nothing in there to clarify, but off, standby, menu, volume, pan, or mailbox on the brightness and all future issues that the cable network in the yellow in the red and white on white, yellow, if I have) so many times before you are on Yahoo and this is my last Chace in the leaves on this Sunday (October 26, so please help before this date
Thanks in advance


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