Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Innovator What Makes It Unethical For A Structural Engineer To Verify/seal Another Innovator's New Structural Designs?

What makes it unethical for a Structural Engineer to verify/seal another Innovator's New Structural Designs? - innovator

Example: An innovative comes with an improved design and construction of buildings which were previously in the field of structural engineering, the science of physics and the construction industry.

The structures and structural engineers are currently working in the trade have more opportunities, developments and structural improvements that provide innovative new things to the public.

Innovations, new structural innovations add more structure, education and the possibility of contracting in the field of structural engineering.

The structural innovation reduces the cost of mounting structure of the frame and leads to a reduction of materials for the construction of a building or structure.

The structural innovation meets the three basic principles of statics, safety, feasibility and affordability.

The structural innovations, not otherwise get the exception Innovator's audit work, working prototypes, testing and recored shows absolute improvisationConference to present the design and erection of structures or the award with a record of innovative construction and sealing.

Innovation, which reduces structural damage and destruction of life, limb and property against natural disasters and the impact of the collision.

The innovation reduces the structural work, work and money it takes to respond, rescue and salvage work and the repair and rebuilding after tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, collisions and floods.

What is ethical to the permanent buildings and structures will be approved, do no harm to the public or the innovation and improvement can grow in the field of innovative structural engineering structures and grow to better check their products and services?


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