Monday, November 16, 2009

Swing Bike Got My Motorcycle Stolen..Police Found The Bike In Parts..I Am Missing The Main Frame (chassis) And Swing Arm?

Got my motorcycle stolen..Police found the bike in parts..I am missing the main frame (chassis) and swing arm? - swing bike

I have my bike was stolen and removed ... I again, .. but basically, the entire frame and swingarm I understand that the frame is that which, in their records, which means the title .. I've always relied on the bike and I'll even pay the title ... Now I have to look for a framework that is clear about their role (ie, not) go again, because I have the documentation or papers that I use to own and operate the engine using the VIN number ... do not know how it works ... There are two different wines, a single engine, a sub ... Although I have to do to paint the bike that is making the whole context of the campaign? I can buy a new framework and a new bicycle? In fact, I wonder if my writing is beautiful and easy to work the engine VIN a framework to buy directly without papers ... Thus, the frame is much cheaper ..


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