Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pregnancy Problems More Condition_symptoms Does Anyone Want To Tell Me About Their Past And Current Pregnancy Problems And Symptoms?

Does anyone want to tell me about their past and current pregnancy problems and symptoms? - pregnancy problems more condition_symptoms

I have a baby a month ago, and at first, he slept the whole time, and now I can not sleep once more. It keeps me day and night. I think I was in a train accident. Does any other women feel so bad out there like me? Your pregnancy will feel like a curse from hell after a blessing from heaven?


hope m said...

They know that the stress of the baby's mother with the same ease that he understood all the words that can leave your mouth feeling. Maybe you should take a break. Find someone who can see the child and flee. Even if it hour for one. If that fails, you may need to talk to someone you care about and care. A baby is a big change and can be very difficult for a woman who has all the emotions and tensions, and lack of sleep on his own face.

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