Friday, January 22, 2010

Graduate Certificate In Public Health How Can I Get A Medical Doctor's Job In Japan. I Have A Post-graduate Diploma In Public Health & Hosp. Mgt.

How can I get a medical doctor's job in Japan. I have a post-graduate diploma in Public Health & Hosp. Mgt. - graduate certificate in public health

I am a man, 49 years old., From India. Approved MBBS marks to 61.5%, surpassing all wallpapaer in 1 only attempt of the University of Calcutta. I have my degree in public health in 1989 Rank 1 at the same university. When I re-Graduate Certificate in Hospital Management in 1998 by the National Inst. Health and Family Welfare, New Delhi. I have clinical experience in treating patients over 23 years with a degree of training and practical experience. I did a fellowship in family planning, when I was a medical student in 1980-81 in ICMR. Currently I am working with Govt. India in a high leadership positions. I might be a similar position or a teaching position in the fight / Community Medicine and Director of the hospital in Japan. I know the Japanese language to a certain degree, I learned a regular basis in 1975-76, as a student of Japanese language school in Japan Consulate General Office in Calcutta. I love to travel and has a knack for teaching.


Jorienta... said...

Necessity of ending the Japanese school and obtain a license.

I know there are a lot of talent in India PPL. However, language is a barrier not only for India but also many foreigners.
PPL Japanese do not speak English in daily life.

emt_me91... said...

If you try to find work as a doctor without having completed medical school, internship and residence, I have never, ever, you can not visit.

If you really want a doctor who is enrolling in a school medical officers, graduate and closed his residence and work experience.

You are not at all qualified to order, just like today. His current mandate in any way at all qualified to become a doctor. Get real.


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