Thursday, January 21, 2010

Torn Cartilage Acupuncture Torn Cartilage - Is Surgery A Necessity?

Torn cartilage - Is surgery a necessity? - torn cartilage acupuncture


Yesterday I saw my orthopedist because of a knee pain I had in the past year. After a bit of turn and draw it 95% sure I have a cartilage tear and he sent an MRI is Monday.

He said the operation would be a simple procedure.

I am very worried, but I want to run as soon as possible (was absent for 12 months) and the ear cartilage surgery may mean that for one or two years.

Do you have a torn cartilage have yet to need surgery or a potential for physical therapy or alternative medicine (acupuncture) to solve this problem?

Thank you!


C F said...

A torn meniscus does not heal by itself, but the symptoms can resolve with time, in some cases. Surgery for wear usually means removing the broken part and rest is a matter of weeks. In the rare cases in which the meniscus repair is done, the implementation of the recovery may take several months. Surgery relates think probably the articular cartilage is another question.

Lu said...

It is always a planned surgery, is ultimately their choice. Depending on your age and your activity (the younger and very active) can the operation is the best solution because it would allow more pain-free future sounds.

The physical therapy to strengthen the muscles around anti-inflammatory and works for some people. If your knee appeared stable, with a base that you can go the conservative route.

Also - a coritsone injection may help relieve the pain. It may also be a product later synvisk your doctor. It's like an injection coritsone, but has received a great job at what is still the cartilage.

So .... Cruciate = Yes, you will need surgery.

Cartilige Torn / disk - you can live without surgery.

Good luck, hope you find the best solution for your problem.

Richard C said...

Chris, recent studies show that the removal of a torn meniscus is not the best idea. What they will not cut the piece of meniscus is damaged. Exposure of cartilage subjected to repeated stress and this mine. Who is in the process of degeneration, was recently suspended and the need to finally have a total knee replacement. The only reason this surgery is recommended if it can recover to a loss of motion physical therapy and no longer lock or sliding knee. It is also recommended that people who violated the meniscus and quit jumping all activities. Other exercises and sports that can be substituted for some of them are cycling, swimming and hiking. Think about this long and hard when you go into a situation where a purse on the line or there is a strong possibility of a professional in one sport, then you should take this into consideration of the proceedings. Questions about the first physical therapy a few months to such power and knee-develop functional as possible. Thingscan significantly improve during this period and, if you decide that the rehabilitation will be on the other side much easier.

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