Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mercola Coconut Oil Cooking With Coconut Oil....?

Cooking with coconut oil....? - mercola coconut oil

I have so many good things with coconut oil to cook for a long time to read. I thought it a try.
What can cook with regret? I am a big fan of fresh coconut. But all of the coconut that I bought in the shops were found distasteful. There's nothing like the real thing. I do not know what's wrong with them. However, as the taste of much, if coconut oil? Which country should the oil?


milton b said...

Most tropical oils such as coconut and palm oils are loaded with saturated fats. Saturated fat has been shown to increase to a level of cholesterol to heart disease. In very moderate amounts, including some of its fat content in food, nice, but I suggest that the simple addition of small amounts of neutral oil such as canola for a unique taste.

mattgo64 said...

No, it's bad for you.

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