Sunday, January 17, 2010

How To Continue Rome Total War After Victory I Play Rome Total War But It Does Not Work(i Have Downloaded Version)?

I play Rome total war but it does not work(i have downloaded version)? - how to continue rome total war after victory

I turn them over and campaign.When to load further, the campaign has continued to the end, the screen goes black and a window to report the problem to Microsoft, says, etc. (I have tried t load the Campaign Group Britannia)


Alan M said...

Of course the best thing about what to do is to contact the for Sega and research. Here is a link to the latest revision: = ...

In fact, I started to play recently (I am a bit too late!) And I had many problems with it. But at least start to depend a lot and sometimes down to the point that I have to leave the game and start again (very annoying when you've played for 30 hours). Not much support on the website more. Or contact the company, he bought and see if you can download it again. The file may be corrupted.

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