Saturday, February 6, 2010

Do Herpes Spots Go Away Labia Spots, Herpes... Shaving Rash... What Could It Be? ?

Labia spots, herpes... shaving rash... what could it be? ? - do herpes spots go away

Who knows what could that be? Approximately 6 months, I realized that I these red spots ISH bubbles in my mouth if I had shaved. were very small, on the one hand, it is only a part, and the other was a group of three. I thought nothing of them and after a few weeks, the redness, but leave the blisters that form never left. a week ago, several months (later) I went to doctors and redness with a few grains of what appears to be well on my lips that I'm worried to be returned, that maybe something like cancer or Yahoo Answers people, he said his could! She said she is both a shaving rash or shingles. I told him it might be possible before I found myself with my new friend I have the test and has not yet spoken to me with this. informs us that this test in the control of herpes Root. I go to the GUM clinic tomorrow as much as I hate the place ... I feel intimidated me to work there as men who laugh when not going to believe that your dog or something I'm not sick, I do not go SLI walk around. Who knows what they are possibley? i dont think its herpes ... I am not known to flow as they say, as a rule, no bubbles to burst bubbles bubbles they bascially not even if you try to say that if you have a herpes outbreak blistering, crusting, and then ... Where is blown as I did not stay as they are not all the time. the bite at all, there were only two occasions occurred in which the redness, then ... Although herpes I'm totally confused as I've read the information on the Internet ... says: no sex ... I have a friend who I was afew months since this does not mean you can have sex? and the bumps always gone? or are they still there? Thank you:)


a l said...

Herpes has many possible symptoms and may differ from those of other herpes virus lives in you and all the different (in the United States are between 2-6 herpes viruses already, but almost all have the virus, "genital herpes). If you are with her new boyfriend are asleep, there is a good possibility that is already infected should be examined. If both are infected, there is nothing wrong with sex disappear. The unevenness, but what you say (never), could be more like genital warts, HPV and It is proof that if you get a PAP smear. There are false negatives with this test, but more often than other STD testing.

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