Monday, February 15, 2010

How Do I Put My Videos From Digital Camera Onto Dvd How Do I Get Videos From My Digital Camera, That Are Now On My Computer, To Burn Onto A DVD?

How do I get videos from my digital camera, that are now on my computer, to burn onto a DVD? - how do i put my videos from digital camera onto dvd

I have many videos that I recently my computer from my digital camera. I went into Windows Photo Gallery and then from there I opened and videos in Windows Photo Gallery in the top bar is a place that says I can burn everything, so I started to burn the videos I have found in the DVD , a DVD-R, and the computer said the videos are on the CD after each burn was done about it. Then I have the DVD in our DVD player, DVD player and it is loaded repeatedly said ... So I thought it did not work. I need a little help here. =)


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You can convert and burn with DVD Flick Free:

This guide will help: ...

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