Sunday, February 14, 2010

How To Get Someones Mental Health Records HeLp!!! Mentally Ill, Let Go From Mental Health Clinic & Now In Jail! After Burglary!?

HeLp!!! Mentally ill, Let go from Mental Health Clinic & now in Jail! After Burglary!? - how to get someones mental health records

I have mental health here in Redding, California. let them know that my husband was on his way somehow. I could not go with me. So I called the Mental Health Unit at the back and asked how I will not be seen, it was very bad mental problems since 9 Can do in October (Thursday) and we went at the weekend, yesterday 13th October (Monday I finally) happened, but the only way was by the sheriff to take him there. They said they recognize, for 72 hours. lying again. This also happened on Friday when I got him there. But yesterday he was dismissed, and he was wandering the streets and "allegedly" Burglerized someones house. When mental health was unstable knew that he did not publish his right? I've tried to admitfor the protection of themselves and others because he did it. Then put in prison, I saw his prisoner card can be viewed online and noticed my children that my husband Mark on the right side of the neck and the left eye was swollen and red. What makes me think it could be beaten. The police know very well that my husband is not correct. just 3 weeks ago from the intensive care unit, where he almost died. And now this bull sh **! I called the mental health service and called for the release of it in your community. and learned that a person can commit, if they want it. Now, now. It is stupid when I hear too. You can not be in the streets of fools. So this is not the Shasta County Mental Health to blame? Leaving my husband started, the t3erd this time? Please let me know what you think. and one more thing: You said that prison might have committed. But they do nothing. (sorry for spelling) I'm at the end of my mind. I can not believe that the injustice here in Shasta County (Redding, CA.)!


John M said...

He took Monday and released on Monday? That's what I get. I do not know how it was committed. If a person is detained in California for 72 hours, it says 5150, which will not be published.

The hospital could be for the release of any person in 5150, which by definition means that the person does not deny yourself or others to be responsible. This is by what has happened much later in the day.

I met some of the public defender in Redding, are good, but not the people you need to run the hospital. Have to deal with the flight to hard, but ultimately it will be solved by mental health, and not the courts. I have the same kind of thing once with a woman who tried to kill other lady with the car. My client had a brain injury, everything went well. It is necessary to collect all the documentation from the hospital and you can take it to a civilian lawyer for a private consultation. Also needs to calm down and get her papers together in a neat folder Nice.

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