Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Running Shoes Inner Ankle Pain I Have One Leg Longer Than The Other, Help?!?

I have one leg longer than the other, help?!? - running shoes inner ankle pain

My left leg is 15 mm longer than the others and it is a real pain when it comes to running. Are there any shoe manufacturer, to add something in the factory can?

I tried the inserts, which are not good and destroys the ankle in the shoe, near the Achilles tendon.


moglie said...

You will see a podiatrist or specialty shops that would compete with the best questions and shoes to you and offer solutions to help. In addition, your coach should be able to improve their technical and professional training directly to bookwill still a good runner Michael Johnson are available at the time, found his style a bit awkward, but effective runing once knew how to be with you Donven Bailey also had the same problem, but these 2 are Olympic champions and holders of record of the world.

Bexs said...

There are specialized companies that accumulate in a car after each one. I do not know where you live - there are shops that do this specialized trainer in Bristol on the hill of San Miguel, but could not help you miles! Talk about fitness stores in your area - specialists - not bother with JJB - they have no idea.

CHANGI said...

Ask your doctor to refer you in the Ministry of Local Hospital.They prostheses have people who specialize in this area.They for changes to sort of shoes and in some cases, made shoes.

Sam said...

The pain of a difference in leg length is often known for distance running or cycling. Athletes do not tend to notice that after carrying heavy loads in one hand. May experience pain at the end of the operation or the next morning with stiffness that accompanies it.

The most common treatment is to try and get on the short side, but you said that not help it. Moreover, since it is essentially a problem of pronation, over-the-counter arch supports often help but must be changed frequently, about every six months. Some people get homes or injuries borne by the heels.

Stretching exercises should also contribute to pain when walking.

Here is some information that you if you do not know already has an interest can, about 85% of the world, has an unequal leg length, and two thirds of them pain associated with some point in their lives. Many people go through life unaware of the gap, because they simply do not work or have a bike long enoughexperienced difficulties arising from the condition.

Good luck finding the right solution.

Diana said...

of course. or perhaps the local cobbler can do something with the shoe.

♥DAViiNA said...

Porter, 1 coach and 1 needle, which should change.

mr m said...

Yeh yeh, we all have problems

bumblech... said...

Check the bottom of your coach, what you have chosen a gumbug!

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