Sunday, February 21, 2010

Orgasim Whilst Weing Why Can't I ***? Why Can't I Do The Work?

Why can't i ***? Why Can't i do the work? - orgasim whilst weing

I had sex for a few years and I've never been able to ***. Even if I masterbate not yet come. My sense of Asif on the point of even orgasim. but not yet ***. It is a pain that seems to emebarasing especially when my partner AKS "What must I do to help ***" It's like if I do not know what I'll say it again.

In addition, sex, I am eager to say at the beginning, but if it is not unusual, because I'm afraid, but you would use is a matter of Phycology?

Help please:) x


♫♪♫ Moem ♀ said...

Hun, not all women ejaculate? It is very normal. You say you have orgasms. Well, that's ok then!
It's not as if you were expected in the rule that ejaculate or squirt ... unless you're a porn star. In the real world do not have the most women. Otherwise, it is normal. He is never ashamed to be normal.

I can not help with the main theme is. But yes, I think it's psychological. Maybe you do not trust. Remember, there are many positions in which neither the man nor the woman at the helm.

Ender Wiggins said...

You young people, listen solved, problem

Loving My Baby Monkey! said...

Can be any number of things. No orgasm until I met my husband of 26 years and had married many sexual partners in my career, almost twice as many long-term relationships, and it was something that my body before. For me it was partly psychological, such as "Enjoy" Sex, I also felt that it was disgusting at the same time, I went to a sex therapy and learned to embrace the idea of sex, and now I have an orgasm anywhere between 1 -- 3 times per session! Sometimes you get the true feelings of the person over them. I thought "loved" numerous times, but the first time she had sex with my husband, orgasm, and pregnant, my body chose my soul mate, more than what I thought. Good luck, I was told it was normal.

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