Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Driving In France With Indian Driving License How Come Italy Is Filled With Eastern European Immigrants.

How come italy is filled with eastern european immigrants. - driving in france with indian driving license

curious.britain im just full of immigrants from India and France is full of Arabs closer immigrants.isnt Eastern Germany than in Italy, I geographicly means you can walk or drive in Germany, Serbia, or tell me why slovakia.well is the main attraction, which causes many people go zone for non-racist All I want to know is to say, not as why that is a bad thing even though most of the Slavs because of corruption in Italy, but no i dont want to get rid of him to know what is the main attraction for Eastern Europeans thats.


Pinguino said...

People go where it (or taken) the opportunity to find a job and forget about a better life, even though the Italians seem to be that the unemployment rate in Italy than the EU average and is lower than Germany or France, and if check only, northern Italy, then the lowest in the United Kingdom. This does not mean that all immigrants to find what you are looking for, so the problem with people falling into a life of crime, but the North-East factories, for example, are always on the lookout for workers and the Italians do not seem in your Interest
In any case, not a unique situation, for example, reminds them, in the United Kingdom, there are many Poles, more than in Italy and only slightly less (in percentage) in Germany.

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