Friday, February 12, 2010

Wedgie Dares Girls And Boys When You Fall Asleep In Class Do You....?

When you fall asleep in class do you....? - wedgie dares girls and boys

Worry about whether you snore or not? lol me.

In my first class, there were plenty of free time, and we all sleep. There was a girl who was snoring loudly, but nobody cared. There was once a boy who woke up after he fell asleep in class and drooling on the desk, back to clean up but no mouth or mocked him, this other guy just threw a tissue and told it before the master.

Even in my second class, but if you are sleeping and snoring, students and sometimes the teacher will ensure fun for a few minutes before waking. If you show signs of fatigue or falling asleep fun or actually later went with a pen with tickling, laughter, etc. littered

And they are children of the sameGE. How is it that some students immature law covered such things as sleeping in class or just snoring, snoring when many people? It is childish. I fear that dare to sleep in class 2, because I think that snoring. lol. Acted in my first class, everyone has their time. One day a child into a young girl can see the outlines of his platform and that they want to go to the bathroom to check, but I did not pick up, said with a straight face and nobody laughed. However, in the 2nd Class girl laughed tears because her friend a wedgie had. WTF.


τol)äy, junior! said...

I do not really care
everyone knows that the dream of the class, so I do not really care.

You should not sleep in class! Shame on you!


Fred Junior K said...

Well, I can not say much for me, but you know, when I was in school I did not dare to sleep, for obvious reasons.

triple t said...

Me and my friends are afraid to sleep in class because we speak sllep sleepwalking, snoring and

mrscs!il... said...

I know exactly where they come from. I know some kids in my life, literally as bodies, adult children, over all very mature and they are all my friends and I are old. Then there can be some of my classmates ..... are not really my friends and I call it my "known". Some of them are so immature, that blows the mind. If someone accidentally farts silent during class, they laughed fully for at least 5 minutes! The teacher has to shout to people's attention! It is reprehensible, as they sometimes act. To what extent are the "immature" in? And yes, I growl and I speak in my sleep. To fall for the days when I think I'm very tired and sleep over to the class, I had preparedmocks for snoring and things to say at random. lol ....... :)

tofu said...

I do not know snore. :)

bad_happ... said...

Peer pressure.
Person in his first pressure on the other childish.
But in his second, pressure people who do cool and acceptable, as if they were still in the 1st Year. The really nothing. They tease, they look like that to keep harassment and, if you will contact him first to the police.
It is so easy. or just a threat to the environment and the h * ll of them. Works always for me. I mean, at only 5 foot 3 and weigh about 100 .. small. and in the 17th Century. so all you need to do is get to use force to leave alone, not when you sleep.

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