Monday, February 22, 2010

Irrigation Systems 12v How Long Can You Run A 12v Bilge Pump For?

How long can you run a 12v bilge pump for? - irrigation systems 12v

I have a 12V battery 18 amp hours 1.5 A 12V bilge in a tank of 150 liters for an irrigation system for a small area of my garden, the 3 high by 1 meter and pump specification of the bilge pump is located

Departure - 450GPH

Outlet - 19mm (3 / 4 ")

Power - 12V (1.5)


KungFool... said...

Battery, 18 amp / pump 1.5 amps = 12 hours

xsailor3... said...

Counsel, there's be an irrigation pump was proposed, I assume that the pump or maybe a pond at regular intervals (daily) check out the water pump. When the vacuum pump from dirt or more, which can be clogged and you can burn the pump. But beyond that there really is no reason you can not run as much as you want. If you have access to an electrical outlet nearby, you can use a converter from 120V to 12V current home, you need the pump and bring the whole time running, you also have a timer to run only during certain hours of the day. Note that although the pump may be rated at 450 GPH actual volume when you are much less pumping over long distances, and a good dEAL high. In fact, if it is a 5/8in hose and 100 meters, an increase of 6 feet above the water source, you can not even 120GPH.

runnergu... said...

exacltly not sure what you ask, but I think it could start a small pump in this condition, while the battery is exhausted. If you want to know how long, I think you need time - hours or days, provided that the water pump when you try to run dry, then you are having a problem

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